6 inch 100/133 Ultra ATA hard drive cable.CSF6SOLID

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Specifically designed for desktop PCs and workstations with the Ultra DMA, UDMA-2 (66 MB/s), or Ultra ATA 133 MB/s disk drive interfaces, the ultra cable assembly from Cpu Stuff significantly enhances system performance by increasing READ/WRITE data transfer speeds by 95% and 56%, respectively.
Our cables provides more reliable data transfer by eliminating errors and reducing signal crosstalk at drive speeds of 33 MB/s and higher.
You can use cable select with our cables.
80 conductor solid cable.
Connectors will have the same orientation as in the picture.
Custom orientation available upon request.
100% Tested.
Cable length is outside connector to outside connector.
Dimensions are end of connector to end of connector.

Warranty Information

1 Year