SATA male - male adapters - DVI adapters - Null adapters - HDMI adapters - D-Sub adapters.

We have all types of adapters from SATA extending adapters, DVI adapters, D-sub adapters, Display port to VGA adapters and ESATA adapters to gender changing adapters.

Cpu Stuff carries a wide range of adapters and can even build custom adapters to meet your requirements.

If your looking to extend an internal SATA port to external port we also carry a few cable that are made for that purpose - Check these out here. 

Want to extend a SATA cable or make a female SATA into male SATA use our 7MALE2M or 7MALE2.

Use 7MALE2M to convert the 4 female SATA to male on SFF-8643 cable.

SATA Coupler Male 

Slimline SATA adapters.