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HT-1451 Multi Network Installation Kit. [Hobbes Tester]

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HT-1451 Multi Network Installation Kit


     The HT-1451 is our popular general-purpose tool kit for performing basic network maintenance around the office or shop. The Multi-network Cable Tester can quickly test by auto scanning, the wire continuity, miss wiring and polarization in your network cables.

  • 251451 Multi-Network Cable Tester

  • Plastic modular crimping tool, 3 position for: (8P8C/RJ-45, 6P6C/RJ-11, 4P4C & 4P2C)

  • Economic stripper & punch down tool

  • Impact punch-down tool with 66 & 110 blades

  • Crystal line color screwdrivers

    • 2-in-1: 5 x 75 mm

    • 2-in-1: 6 x 100 mm

  • Color parts box

  • PU zipper bag (290 x 180 x 55 mm)

Warranty Information

1 Year