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Micro SATA Adapter MicroSata Female to 22 Pin Sata Male MSF22M

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MicroSATA Adapter - Output 3.3 Volts and 5 Volts

22 Pin Plug SATA [ 7 + 15 ]  to 16 Pin MicroSATA Socket [ 7 + 9 ].
This Micro SATA adapter will convert 5 volts from you computer power supply to the 3.3 volts for your Flash SSD drive.

Input Voltage:

  • 5 volts on the 22 Pin SATA Male Side.

Output Voltage:

  • 3.3 volts and 5 volts on the 16 Pin Micro Socket SATA Side.

This micro sata adapter can work with your sata/ide to usb adapter you may already have.

Warranty Information

1 Year

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