SATA 22 pin socket to 7 pin SATA 0.5M CSBP05M

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Serial ATA signal Power Device Assembly with mounting ears:.

-Integrated Device Side Signal and Power Serial ATA Receptacle
-Custom power termination from bare wire to specialty plugs
-Device-side Receptacle with mounting features for use with blind-mated Serial ATA Hard Drives.
-Power cable 6"
-Data cable 0.5M
-Custom Serial ATA signal cable length
 -The Unified Cable Assembly can be used in Desktops, PCs, Workstations and Storage Server Enclosures
-Low Cost replacement for Backplane in Storage Enclosures
-Ideal as a Serial ATA interconnect for Prototype Storage Systems
-Special Interconnect options available for Enterprise Storage Solutions

Connectors : 

7 pin SATA socket

4 pin Male hard drive connector

22 pin SATA socket  7 + 15

Data Cable length : 20 inches total length 

Power cable length: 6.5 inches total length

Warranty Information

1 Year