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USB 2.0 to eSATA Cable 5 feet

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USB 2.0 to eSATA Adapter Cable 5 feet

Product Features
USBATA is an adapter bridge between the USB and the
External Serial ATA (eSATA) interface. 
The Adapter will allow the attachment of external eSATA devices
like hard disk peripherals to PCs and MACs.  eSATA is an
external SATA cable interface.  The primary eSATA device
usage is the external hard drive storage enclosures. 
This USB to eSATA adapter allows users to connect
a SATA hard drive enclosure with an eSATA data cable
to any Macintosh or Windows computer with a USB 2.0 port.     
SATA hard drives provide a fast and reliable method for storing
large amounts of data. The problem in the past has been that
SATA enclosures required an external SATA connector that many
computer models did not provide. With the availability of this new
USB to eSATA adapter any Apple computer
with a USB 2.0 port can be connected to an SATA enclosure.

Product Specification:
USB A Male
eSATA A Male
Software Requirements:
Windows 98SE?Windows Me?Windows 2000?Windows XP?Vista, Mac OS 9
Mac OS X?Linux

Warranty Information

1 Year